Flexible Denture

A flexible denture is a type of partial denture made from a bendable material, usually a thermoplastic resin, stands out as a specialized type of partial denture. This innovative dental solution not only offers a superior level of comfort and a discreet aesthetic compared to traditional rigid acrylic dentures but also showcases a thoughtful design that caters to various aspects of functionality and user experience.

The Valplast Flexible denture is an unbreakable, removable that many people find very comfortable.

The flexible dentures are designed to be gentle on gums and smaller than their acrylic/metal dentures.

These dentures redefine comfort by eliminating the presence of metal hooks, clasps, and sharp edges. This absence not only contributes to a more pleasant interaction with the gums but also significantly reduces the likelihood of dislodgement during chewing, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for the wearer. The flexible denture emerges as a harmonious blend of form and function, prioritizing both comfort and practicality in the realm of dental prosthetics.

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