The NHS will provide any clinically necessary treatment needed to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. Decisions about which treatment is appropriate will be based on a clinical assessment and clinical judgement.

Your dentist must make clear which treatments can be provided on the NHS and which can only be provided on a private basis, and the costs associated for each.

Your dentist should be able to provide treatment for you or, where the treatment is complex, will refer you to a practitioner with additional skills.

You may be offered an option to see a specialist privately as an alternative to being referred on the NHS.

It will be your choice whether you opt for the private treatment with this specialist or be referred to an NHS specialist service.

Patient Notice

We are unable to keep patients on our NHS Register if they have not been to the practice for a routine clinical examination for more than 18 months or after 2 failed attendances and cancellations at short notice.

Dental professionals recommend to visit for routine check-ups every six months.

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This is an opportunity to meet our dentist during a relaxed and informative initial visit. At this consultation, you will be able to discuss your oral health and any concerns you may have. A thorough treatment plan will be discussed and agreed – including associated costs.

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