Cancellation Policy
Missed appointments waste surgery time that could be used by others. If you are unable to attend an appointment, we ask that you let us know as early as possible and with a minimum of 2 working days notice.

If a patient fails to attend an appointment or cancels at short notice (with less than 2 days notice) on more than one occasion the practice has the right to remove the patient from the practice and the patient will need to seek alternative arrangements for their dental care.

Patients that have not attended regular appointments at the dentists recommended recall period will be removed from the practice list.

To remain a patient with the practice, you need to keep up regularappointments, otherwise your place will be given to someone on our waiting list. (This applies to NHS and Private patients)

Covid-19 Policy

If you have a positive Covid-19 result or symptoms, we now require a copy of your Lateral Flow/PCR test result. Failing to provide this (less than 2 working days) will incur a fee/record of late cancellation.